Garage Door Opener Repairs

Most people think the garage door opener is what provides the lifting to the garage door. However, that is not the case. The heavy lifting power comes from the springs. You should make sure your springs are in good condition. We offer spring repair if you need to have them fixed or tuned up. The garage door opener controls how far the door opens and closes. It uses a small electric motor and gear to drive a chain or belt.

Some of the garage door opener fixes that we do include: garage door opener remote or keypad not working, loud noises or humming from the motor, Homelink vehicle installation & garage door safety lasers not working.

If your garage door opener is experiencing any issues or will not open or close your garage door, call one of our trained technicians to do the job.

Call us at 615-757-6811 to schedule a repair or get a quote.


Call us at 615-757-6811